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Post-paid payment technology platform 14 days. Buy installments with super cheap service fee



fast & convenient

With WowMelo, Shopping is Convenient

Get your limit for shopping without credit card or bank account with the option to use our optimal payment services

  • Pay Later: Allows customer to pay back WowMelo only after recceived their items and sastified with them. Totally FREE.
  • Split It: Allows customer to split the payment in 5 equal and easy instalments by installments for a service fee of only 2.9%.
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High security

With WowMelo, Shopping is Safe

  • No need to worry about the quality of goods because you will not need to pay if not satisfied with the items.
  • Optimal information security policy and privacy.
  • Can track all transactions using WowMelo on here
  • 100% transparent cost
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With WowMelo, Shopping is Smooth

1. Truy cập các trang bán hàng đối tác của Wowmelo

1. Find the product you need on partners' website.

Choose your favorite product

2. (cách 1) Đăng nhập và mua sản phẩm thôi nào

2. Option 1: At the partner's website of WowMelo.

Log in at the sales website (if you already have an account there)

2. (cách 2) Đăng nhập trực tiếp tại website của Wowmelo

2. Option 2: Directly at WowMelo

Option 2: Directly at WowMelo (only fill in the registration information once, convenient to purchase later)

3. Hạn mức sẽ được xét duyệt ngay cho bạn

Get your limit immediately for shopping.

Our system will automatically approve the limit for you

4. Tiến hành mua hàng như bình thường và thanh toán cùng Wowmelo

Make a purchase as usual and REMEMBER to choose WowMelo at check-out.

At the check out of the purchase. Remember to choose payment with Wowmelo

5. Thảnh thơi chờ hàng hóa thôi

Your purchase has been completed.

After selecting Wowmelo at the payment page and the order will be automatically completed

Our partners

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Always listen and change

We value every customer's comments and do our best to give customers a better shopping experience every day.

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About Wowmelo: WowMelo is an innovative payment platform that wants to make it easier for people to shop online. We hel


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JOB DESCRIPTION (Sales Admin)  Reconciliation for merchants on a weekly basis. Issuing transaction invoices and collec


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ABOUT WOWMELO:  WowMelo is an innovative payment platform that wants to make it easier for people to shop online.

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